Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seeds of Change

I have finally ordered all of my garden and flower seeds

for this year. It seems to take me ages to peruse the catalogs,

choose seeds, pare down the endless list of wants to

only the seeds I 'must have', make the order and pay!

But I finally got it done and my order confirmations have come back.

The seeds are on their way!


The day after they were confirmed and paid for,
(I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short! *smile*)

I recieved an email from a friend, containing a list

of seed companies that either buy seed from Monsanto or

are owned by them!

All of the seeds I ordered are from those companies

(according to this list!) DRAT!

It is too late for this year, but I will be all the more diligent

in making sure I do not support these companies in the future!

It will be more expensive and I probably won't

be able to get the specific varieties that I am fond of,

but I refuse to continue to support these people.

I will be writing to them and asking to be

removed from their mailing list and telling them why!

If you are interested in the list,

you can find it here.
(Do you know anything about this site? I do not.)

They also have a list of Monsanto-free companies. I will be purchasing future

seeds from them from now on ~ and telling them why!
And I would like to try saving my own seeds.
Sometimes change is good!