Friday, June 24, 2011

A Fairy Tale

T'was an enchanting morning in June when I was tending my garden.

I was in deep, dreamlike thought, when a flickering little motion

caught my eye. There on the edge of the birdbath, sat a most

queer bird. Upon seeing my notice, he began hopping about,

twittering a strange song. It was such an odd sound, but I

thought it must be because of the feather he was carrying

in his bill. Suddenly he gathered up his wings and flew,

the object fluttering to the ground below.

I bent down to inspect the prize, only to discover that

it was not a mere feather, but instead, a wee invitation.

I though he must have chosen this scrap of paper to

line his nest, but as I was pondering the sweet message

it contained, the bird began his calling once again, beckoning

me to follow him.

I left my garden reverie to follow him.

He lead me through a hollow tree...

and over a lonesome bridge

to a foreboding woodland.

I continued on, however, because a most ethereal

rainbow shown down its heavenly light to

illuminate the forest path ahead.

I raced through the tangle of vines and roots...

but came to a sudden halt as the croaking voice of a

woodland sentinel cried out, "Behold, the waters, behold, the waters!"

I obeyed his command at once,

and as I peered over the waters edge, I glimpsed the

form of a water nymph being ferried along by a gossamer

winged butterfly, disappearing around a clump of

reeds, not to be seen again.

Only the tinkling sound of tiny chimes in the breeze

seemed to continue her song of,"Sweetest of days, sweetest

of days. I am floating into the sweetest of days."

And now I am beholding a most curious sight!

There on the stem of a water lily, rests a

damselfly but,methinks, I have met this creature

before as he has the familiar presence of the bird

that I had first followed!

I am mesmerized at the changes occurring

before me! In a wink of an eye, the creature

is changed (or I see it for what it really is!).

He grasps a floret from a nearby wildflower blossom

only to have it, too, change it's appearance!

He is now playing out a commencement tune,

heralding all to come!

He is lifted up, carried by his most delicate, gossamer


Again, I am running through the glade,

following my miniature guide,

when I am brought to a quieting halt!

I am standing in the midst of

a fairy ring, surrounded by a

host of enchanted beings!

They, too, are reading the polite request

from the darlings of the fairy realm.

They are all as enraptured by the request,

as was I.

All the dwellers of farm and woodland,

big or small, where included in the celebration.

The festivities were being prepared;

blossoms gathered...

pollen for feasting....

nectar for drink...

(now when you see a busy little bee hurriedly gathering

you can be assured there is a fairy wedding about to occur!)

The finest of gowns were donned for the occasion.

As I gazed around at the multitude of activity

surrounding me, I beheld a winsome sight.

There at the base of the stand of foxgloves,

lay resting the twin babes of a fairy lady,

capped in the blossoms of the foxglove, each.

Gifts for the happy couple were garnered.

And then the honored couple arrived in happy jubilation!

After the rite of the ceremony was performed,

by an Elf of great size, and a miriad of woodland

creatures in attendance...

there was dancing in the fairy dome

until the twilight hour.

Love, joy, beauty and splendor did abound!

Their happy bliss was felt by all!

Soon, the festivities were over, and it must be decided

what to do with me! I had tread on enchanted ground,

and now how was I to return?

A council was called by the woodland creatures,

but I could not hear their tiny voices.

Something about keeping secrets, and changing form and...

I was led through an intoxicating field of poppies

and I soon fell into a dreamlike sleep.

I awoke not feeling quite myself,

but delighted to have a new spring in my step

and desire for bounding through the woodland.

Yes, it was an enchanting day in June....


This fairy tale is my post for Jorgelina's Fairy Days Party

and was written for my granddaughters,

Raegan and Morgan,

the sweetest fairies of them all!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Gathering Moss...

I was in need of some.

A walk deep into the woodland

yielded the shady tree dweller

that I was seeking.

This bit of mossyness was

out of my reach.

Aaahhh! Here is a perfect endower!

I gather my necessary portion...

...with the help of my companion.
Now, with my coffers filled,
we return to assemble my conception.

I had a tiered wire basket (and a footed rectangular one)
that cried out for some flowers.
I obliged!

I lined the baskets with the moss...

added some rich loamy soil mix...

some sweet shade loving Impatiens...

tucking the moss lined tiers full to overflowing
of the cheery blooms.

(An amazing Agate egg found alongside the tree

while collecting the moss. We live in an area named

Agate! I just had to gather this egg!)

Ready to greet all who visit us at

Cove Cottage!



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Friday, June 10, 2011


Sometimes we go along in life,

content with the same daily routine,

never realizing the lack of growth.

Then The Gardener comes along and,

for our own good, prunes away

all that is dead and unproductive.

What is left is fresh and rejuvenated!

We have a new start at bringing

praise to The Gardener...

...glory to His Name...

...and new life to the garden.