Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Friendship's Garden

When I first started flower gardening, I wanted to make my beds entirely of
"pass~along" plants; plants that had been given to me by friends.
My garden wasn't growing in variety, so I have bought many,
but there are several that are from friends.
Come join me, won't you, as we take a turn around my
Friendship Garden.
Near the front door is this purple Rhododendron that is usually
in full bloom by Mother's Day.
As you can see, she is just now showing us her
lovely purple-hued blooms.

Red and Orange are not my favorite colors
but here is a first bloom of a Chinese Red Oriental Poppy
that persists on growing, quite healthilyI might add, despite
repeated attempts at eradication!
(pass-along plant)
Sweet purple Granny's Bonnets being modeled on
willowy stems above common geranium, Lillie's, rosemary, delphinium
and Oops! weeds!
(pass-along plant ~ the Granny's Bonnets not the weeds!)

Stately purple Iris set before a tower of Golden Hops.
(Pass-along plant from my first pastor
Rev. Wesley Gain, now with the Lord)

Here are the first delicate white flowers of the Bridal Wreath bush
given to me by a dear lady friend who
passed away a couple of years ago.
I have named this plant "Audrey" in her honor.
(Pass-along plants are a sweet reminder of dear friends
who are no longer with us.)

One of my favorite flowers, Double White Lilacs.
They are incredibly fragrant!
(Pass-along plant given to me from my Auntie. I, in turn, made a gift
of several of the babies to a sweet young friend of mine as a wedding present.
Her wedding bouquet was lilacs and she was wanting starts to line the drive of their future home.)

"Scentsation" lilac.
True to is name!

Bleeding heart

Beneath the Hydrangea grows a tiny fairy garden of Sweet Woodruff, Bluebells
and tiny woodland violets.
(The Bluebells and yellow violets were gathered in the woods near our farm.)

Solomon's Seal
in the dappled shade of the old Banana Apple Tree.

Snowball Viburnum
(A true pass-along plant, given to me when I was a young bride by
my mother-in-laws friend and neighbor Connie.)

and they are.....everywhere!
(Pass-along plant from dear Jan who started me making
my own soap!)

A blushing Columbine given to me years ago by one of my
sweetest friends, Jamie!
(I love this barely pink against the red of the rhody. But next year, she may
be friends with the iris or the peony.)
We call this Rhododendron "Grandma's Lipstick" because
it was my sweet grandmother's favorite shade to wear!
Here it is nestled down with Bishop's Weed,
a pass-along plant that I regret receiving from a cousin.
It spreads like wild fire into my new lawn!

And lastly, our dear old pink dogwood tree.
We fondly call him "Dagwood" dogwood; the name
we used when my girls were small as the
'secret word' should someone other than me
need to pick them up from school.

I hope you enjoyed your little tour of my friendship garden
and perhaps you will be inspired to start one of your own.


Lori said...

Lady Farmer, your flowers are just breathtakingly beautiful!!! I have never seen or heard of the Bridal Wreath bush but I love it! Love those reds and pinks too. :)
Lovely lovely. Thank you for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Your garden is absolutely beautiful...I've never heard of Johnny Jump-Ups!! As I looked throught your beautiful photos, I thought "that one is my favorite"...until I saw the next one! I don't think I could pick a favorite. Oh, my daddy would have been so thrilled if I could grow just one of those plants so nicely!!

Rebecca said...

I like your idea of a "Friendship Garden" - gives a double reason to spend time there....Your photography captures the beauty in your garden very well! I enjoyed my visit.

Heidi said...

Thank you for hte sweet comment in my blog! A few of the images on Sahbby chic papirskatter are my own, and the rest I a little here and there on the internet. Try f.ex Have a great weekend! Heidi

Technonana said...

So Beautiful, just takes your breath away!! Makes you appreciate our Awesome God and the beauty that He bestows on us all!!