Tuesday, April 17, 2012


...six new Royal Raindrops
Flowering Crabapple trees
(very appropriate name for here in the PNW!)
A birthday gift from my Gentleman Farmer

to replace the six that the naughty deer

Not so pretty, but protection for
a few years. Allowing the deer
to devour the trees was
a costly mistake that will not
be repeated this time!


Do you remember the Avocado pit that I started
a couple of months ago?
Well, it is ready to be potted up.

Washing the pots

Introducing the Avocado to the pots!

Filling the pot with soil

Planting the pit
(I think I remember that part of the pit is to remain above the soil level)

Ready to be placed in a bright window.

These were my planting adventures for the week!

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Anonymous said...

Reanne, those naughty deer. I hope they can't work their way through the wire cage. Your trees are so pretty!

Beth said...

We have the same crab apple and it got munch pretty badly when we set it out 2 years ago - now it is "caged" and much happier. It is amazing how the deer with 26 acres are instantly able to find a new plant or tree and 'try it out'.

Susan Zentmyer said...

I always wondered if one could really grow avocados from the pit. How cool!