Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby Birds and Bumble Bees

The old cherry tree has been home to
scores of baby Starlings over the past years.
These siblings (the fourth is hiding down in the nest)
fledged the day after their photo shoot!
The parents are now cleaning house and
refreshing the nest for a second go round!

The bird condo has 'No Vacancy' as
all four apartments have been occupied. It only
took two days to be discovered since it made
it's appearance on the Hen Haus.
Look carefully at the entrance on the bottom
left ~ the happy bride is arranging
her new digs, while her groom
watches expectantly from the perch above!

We found a small colony of Bombus sitkensis,
one of 47 species of Bumble bees found
in North America. They made their nest in the folds
of the cat blanket that lay on the porch bench.
They commonly make their nest in a hole in the ground,
but on occasion, find other unique places that suit their fancy!
Our cat, Harley, unbeknownst to him, lay on his favorite
scouting post and squished one of the baby larvae
right out of the cell. You can see it just above the
top left bee.
I will attempt to move the bees and their nest
tonight to more safe quarters
and wash Harley's bed!

Did you know that you can raise Bumble Bees and
harvest their honey?
I have read that you can, but the honey is inferior
to Honey Bee honey ~ it is more watery
and ferments quickly.

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Athena at Minervas Garden said...

Wow, what an informative post--I had never heard of that type of bumble bee before. Glad that your cat came through sleeping in the middle of them unscathed! And the baby birds--how lovely. We feed the birds here, but no babies as of yet.

Lexa said...

I love that first picture. What a cool use for the downed cherry tree. A perfect nest cavity. And those bees are very cool too. I have never heard of them.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

How fun that your new bird house is now home to some feathered friends. I love watching birds and especially babies. I love the pic of the ones in your tree. I have a friend whose son raises bees. She has brought some of the honey for us to taste. Pretty yummy! I have a link party, Share Your Cup Thursday. I would love if you shared.

3rnigerians said...

I love your garden. Those baby birds are beautiful. I love the condo and the amazing bumble bee image. I am glad your kitty is okay. I had no idea you could raise them or collect any honey from them. Great post. Thanks.


Unknown said...

We have some robins that have nested on the side of our house that have already had the babies fledge and move on. They all visit me in my garden now. Baby birds are so curious and don't mind getting too close but boy do their parents get all worked up when they see that!

Very interesting info about the bee species! Personally, I never want to get close enough to one to identify it's species... so I'll just enjoy your info here from the safety of the net.

Take care!!

allisamazing said...

Love all your pictures! The baby birds are so cute. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog :)

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I live in a rural area where there are many beehives - fascinating to see how the honey is collected.
Good thing your cat was not stung when laying on the bees.

Anonymous said...

Your poor kitty! I am glad that he wasn't stung. I don't think I'd like to find a blanket with bee larvae on it. Yikes!

The baby birds are more my style. :D

Lynn said...

It sounds as if you know your bees! I used to be deathly afraid of them until I moved to the country. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. It is very pretty.

Jami @ An Oregon Cottage said...

I didn't know that about bees! I wish our bird houses would be filled like yours. We have a ton of birds in our yard and I've seen some looking at the houses, but so babies. :-( Hopefully one day- can't believe you've got 4 in one house!

Kathy said...

Love seeing the birds in your garden and in your bird houses! Fantastic - love the birds in the hole in the tree - too cute - I'd love to have bees, a neighbor raises bees for honey and I imagine the bees visiting my garden being his!
I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

Kathy said...

Oh, by the way - you've set me off on another learning quest - to learn and identify the species of bees in my garden!
Thanks ;)

Kateri said...

I love the baby starlings in the hollow tree. Just adorable. :)Insteresting about the bumble bees--I didn't realize there are different kinds of bumble bees.

Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

What sweet little starlings! I know that they're stinkers, but I love watching the antics of starlings, and hearing them sing in the mornings while flapping their wings. They're very pretty, too!



p.s. The poor bees; I hope they've found a good home (you are a rare lady to rescue them, I assure you!).

Little Susie Home Maker said...

What a wonderful old cherry tree! That is the perfect picture with the birds and the nest! I didn't know about the bees that make nests in the ground. Harley must be happy for no stings!

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

Lucky you with the baby birds! Tree swallows are some of my favorites, I am hoping to have a nest this year. Love the bumble bees and didn't know you can raise them, I'll have to read up!