Monday, April 25, 2011

In Just Three Weeks....

I've gone from these...

to what you see below!

( hollyhocks and strawflowers)

(Cinderella Pumpkins, Acorn and Sweet Meat Squash)

(Lupine and Pink Poppies)

(Heirloom Tomatoes, Hot Peppers and Broccoli)

(Sweet William)
Sweet William seed I gathered last year is even popping through

the soil! I am so happy ~ I didn't think they would grow.

I just threw them in an old cardboard box with some

soil and 'ta da'! Little specs of green!

This is the most exciting of all~

Saturday was a beautiful warm sunny day.

I planted my peas and today~

3 days later they are popping up!!!

(Someone else discovered them! Taz, my little

Aracauna Rooster! Bad boy!

Now his wing is clipped so he will have to stay in the

chicken yard with Fly, my Cuckoo Maran

Rooster. They fight! But it's him or my garden!

He will just have to learn to fight or run faster!)


Joining all the others for the Homestead Barn Hop

Why don't you head on over and see what's happening

at everyone's homestead?



Anonymous said...

I love the photos! They tell such a great story! The fresh turned earth is a treat indeed. I think the compost bin is a wonderful tool for the farmer and garden. In our urban neck of the woods we have to have compost bins with covers. It helps with any smelly odors and provides rodent control. My last bin I made myself and the make shift cover I had was not over the top all the way. So when I went out at night to put some items into the bin I was greeted by a herd of wild rats! I thought I was a brave girl until that happened! Thanks for stopping by my blog during the Barn Hop, which I absolutely love!

LDH said...

Oh, Lady Farmer, I am so excited to see your seedlings. I so wanted to put in some new square foot beds this year but it just wasn't feasible. Other things took priority. I have my herbs and a raspberry and blackberry bush but it has been a long time since we had our big garden. In all honesty, fresh fruit and veggies are so available (NJ is the garden state) and reasonable that is does not pay to have a garden. But the thrill of picking your own isn't there.

I will have to vicariously enjoy YOUR garden.

Linda Stubbs said...

Hi....I love coming to your sound like you are having so much fun! I am also. Love to see the baby plants when they start coming up. Truly a miracle!

Hugs, Linda

Heather at Dusty Bay said...

It is exciting seeing the first sprouts to emerge, isn't it?