Monday, April 4, 2011

Working in the Greenhouse

A little break in the weather had me itching to get

outside and do something!

I just received my garden seed order

so decided to play out in my greenhouse.

When ever I head outside,

my trusty sidekick, Harley (cat)

tags along for the adventure. There is always

some fun to be had for him.

Today was no different ~ as I pulled dried

weeds and old broken pots from inside

the greenhouse and outside,

one of our roosters found him

to be quite interesting!

As Harley reclined in the wagon

supervising my efforts,

Taz hopped into the wagon with

Harley to try to convince him

that the lovely weeds

would make a much finer nest than

the bare wooden bottom of the wagon!

Harley, "You've got to be kidding me, right?"

A few more weeds and a few minutes later, Fly and his girl added to the merriment! Harley began to get a bit miffed at the intrusions upon his leisure time. He said I could continue entertaining these jokers without his support and headed to the barn were his presence would be more fully appreciated ~ helping the Gentleman Farmer build me a couple of seed benches for the greenhouse. These benches will be topped off with some sturdy hardware cloth (wire) to hold these newly planted up trays. Anise Hyssop for teas, potpourri, and gifts to the neighbors bees! Four kinds of heirloom tomatoes, hot peppers, and broccoli.
Sweet Meat Hubbard squash, Carnival Acorn Squash

and Rouges Vif D'Etampes (Cinderella) Pumpkins!

Queen of Sheba


Large Leaf Italian Basil

And trying Grandma's way of raising seeds in

eggshells ~ roots won't be disturbed. Just lightly crush the

shells and transplant into pot or garden!

Hop on over and see what others are working on

at their little homesteads!


Rebecca said...

I admire your industry! It's just too cold (and wet, today) to do much except watch from the windows here! What a great idea - the seed benches. Sounds like you're well on your way to a beautiful & bountiful garden.

* Mandy * said...

Visiting from the Barn Hop :) I'm trying my hand at starting seeds, and am using eggshells as well. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Lovely blog you have ♥

Dollwood Farms said...

Wow, I remember my grandmother doing that too! She would also bury her leftover scraps and food under trees or bushes, hehe. Especially fish leftovers! Personlized compost. :)

Linda Stubbs said...

Oh I wish I could spend a day with you Lady Farmer. Do you think the good Lord will have gardens for us in Heaven? I want to live by you........I think we would have so much fun sharing seeds......and such.

Hugs, Linda

Backwoods Woman said...

I love the eggshell method of starting seeds. Eggshells being in abundance around here, it just seems natural.

And to the commenter Linda Stubbs - I have often wondered the same thing. Oh I do home He gives us homesteads in heaven!

A Heritage From The Lord said...

I found you on the Barn Hop:) I am starting seeds for the first time this year and just love reading about experienced gardeners. Your going to have a beautiful garden.. May the Lord richly bless you:)