Tuesday, October 11, 2011


With the continual rains we have been having
and no cool crisp nights in the forecast,
I harvested the remaining squash
and pumpkins from the garden.
I didn't want to risk losing them
to rot or those pesky deer
who have managed to, once again,
find a way into the garden.
I grew and gave away many
plants this year, saving three of
each type of squash for our
own garden.

Three Rouge Vif D'etampes (Cinderella) Pumpkins,
three Carnival (Acorn) Squash
and three Sweet Meat (Hubbard) Squash
produced more than enough for the
two of us to enjoy throughout the

I will tuck them into beds of hay
in the barn to store them.
Throughout the season, we can uncover
a tasty treasure to serve with our
cozy winter meals.
If you have never cooked a Sweet Meat Squash
(or other large winter squash)
join me in The Pantry to see
how I prepared one
for our dinner and
for the freezer!
Amy at Homestead Revival for
Barn Hop #31


Emily Fay said...

Wonderful garden produce! You are blessed! :)

Beth said...

The squash are lovely and I know they will be tasty too. I do NOT like summer squash at all, but have yet to meet a winter squash that does not make my tastebuds water - they are SO underused.

Beth said...

Winter Squash are so underused and under-appreciated. I don't like summer squash at all, but winter - yummy!

Mrs Georgina said...


I love squash. I love the taste and I love their beauty! Mine did not do very well this year. I do have a vine still thriving with flowers and also one pumpkin vine. I am hoping for a late harvest. It is still quite warm here. Thank you for sharing your beautiful bounty!

Nadine said...

What a wonderful blessing! I only got one little sugar pumpkin this year...sad! :(
We are planning to go to one of the local pumpkin farms to get a few to decorate and eat! :)


Lexa said...

That's a terrific Winter squash harvest! I particularly love the carnival squash - they are just beautiful.Enjoy your bounty all Winter.

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

More lovely photos! They seem almost too pretty to eat, don't they?



p.s. Are you saving any seeds for your seed swap blog?

Kateri said...

That is a beautiful squash harvest!

Alexandra said...

Beautiful! I'm all squashed out. The last of the squash is going to the church pantry. I've got a freezer full of this lovely stuff.

Urban Gardens said...

I'm envious! We got a few pumpkins, but nothing else this year. Looks lovely!!