Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's A Start!

A couple of weeks ago, there was snow on the ground
and some ripe Avocado's in my kitchen.
I couldn't do anything about the snow, but
feeling the gardening urge, I tried (for the 5th time
this year!) to sprout and avocado pit.

As you can see, this time it finally sprouted.
I guess the others just weren't ripe enough.
Have you ever sprouted Avocado for a
house plant?

I got all of my seeds ordered and even won a
terrific giveaway over at The Redeemed Gardener!
Quite a grand assortment of heirloom seeds to
start the season off right!
Thank you so much, Mr. Baker!
They will add to my gardening enjoyment immensely!

The sun decided to peek out for a few hours the other day,
so I took advantage of the bright, although cold, day
and pruned my neglected grape vines.

Today I enjoyed seeing some of the pansies and violas
that survived the winter in the pots hanging from the
driveway fence posts.

This 'Jack Frost' Brunnera was a pleasant surprise ~
I didn't think it had survived it's repeated onslaught of
the marauding deer last year!

Rhubarb is always one of our first harbingers of Spring!
I still have a couple of jars of sauce in the freezer,
but I have been sparing them for special treats!
Hoping for another great crop for putting back
for next Winter!

I spent the afternoon raking up the blanket of leaves
and chicken house litter from the Spring garden ~
getting it prepared for it's initial planting of the season.
I had a little help from my friends!
(They seemed to think I was doing all this just for them~
unearthing some tasty chicken treats!)

After all the strange weather this past Winter,
it feels good to get out and get busy ~
just like this pollen covered Bumblebee!
Joining Jami at An Oregon Garden for
of 2012!
Thanks for hosting, Jami!

Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for
Outdoor Wednesday!
Thanks Susan for hosting!

Kathy at A Delightsome Life for
Home & Garden Thursday!


Linda Stubbs said...

hi sweetie friend, tonight I am on the couch.........sick.wth a runny nose and cough...and I get to come and visit you! With serving outside our home I just don't get to visit like I would wish........I love love love all the pictures. Especially the little bumblebee!.

So glad I got to come and say hello!!!!

Love you and love to see you on pinterest. That is you isn't it? Adorable!

Gina said...


Isn't it exciting that spring will soon be here?

I love those vintage seed packages. Do you use them in crafts?

Nice to see flowers again! Enjoy!


Faith said...

I've never succeeded yet with the Avocado seed..Do you pur the wide end in the water? We love them avocado's....Rhubarb? a perennial...I'll keep trying trying with avocado..

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

What a beautiful flower. A crocus?

learning table said...

I've tried many times to sprout an avacado, but I've never had one do anything. Good for you!

Good luck with your plantings :)

Clint Baker said...

that is a great start and the work will begin soon!

Athena at MinervasGarden said...

This is a beautiful blog, and I love all your pictures--thank you for posting. Especially the chickens! Yes, I've started an avocado from a pit--it was a fun project!

RobinfromCA said...

What a lovely Outdoor Wednesday post. I especially like the photo of the bee in the crocus. He does have a heavy load of pollen going there!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I grew (sprouted) two avocados last year. The first one grew into a little tree...
long story short...alot of plants died when My Honey had a 2 week hospital stay--
The avocado tree didn't make it. I am trying again this year.

Hope your's grows well!

Zinnia said...

What fun to your avocado fruit. Beautiful seed bags. Is it the year's first bumblebee on you? Wish you a nice weekend! Zinnia

bettyl said...

Great things start small! Good luck with the garden!

Sharon said...

Okay my kindred spirit,
Guess what is sitting on my counter? Yes I have an avocado sprouting too! This is my second attempt and I am excited!
Congratulations on winning those lovely seeds! I have mine all set for this year. I will however purchase some plants when the time gets closer. Our weather is warm (in the 40-50's) and I am itching to plant but need to practice self-control and wait until after Memorial Day.
Love the pansies and crocus!
Have a blessed day Raeann!

Marian said...

Ooohh wat een leuk idee van die avocado pit..
Zal ik ook eens gaan proberen!!!

Jami said...

What a glorious view you have! And nice helpers in your hens- making quick work of any early slugs. :-)

I look forward to seeing more of your garden this season at the TGP!

Alexandra said...

What a view! I wish that was my backyard. :) Happy planting. I just came in from gardening, and boy is it ever hot here. We have had really cool days, and then some hot ones. Crazy weather, but it is good to soak up some sun and get my hands in the soil on the nice days.

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

No, I have never sprouted an avocado pit - but it is now on my list! I think it would be so much fun clearing a spot in the garden shared by chickens and their 'helping' I can just imagine it! Thank you for sharing your wonderful post with Home and Garden Thursday,

Faith said...

Good Morning, I started my Avacado seed shortly after you inspired me, it has splet but no root yet...I'm hopeful this time it will work, I didn't let the seed dry out this time, so we'll see..