Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sundry Contrivances (Miscellaneous Projects!)

So many projects on my 'to do' list!
A  few of them did get crossed off today, though. 
Like re-seeding a small patch of lawn
that my darling hens ruined!
It was lovely green sod as recent
as two years ago ~ a birthday present
to myself.
The hens and a couple of rogue roosters
scratched out all the grass and 'replanted'
it with weeds and other free seeding plants
that don't belong in the grassy area!
I mixed up a combination of organic compost,
mushroom compost and a garden mix of soils
and wheel borrowed it to cover the area,
after a couple of hours of pulling out as
much of the weed seedlings as I could. I
then raked it smooth and tamped it down level
and covered it with a nice layer of 1 Step Grass Seed.
(This was all done while the flock remained
on lock-down in their pen!)
#1 Done!
Then I had to rig up a temporary fence to keep
the rascals out of that little yard while the
motley crew were out free ranging!
#2 Done!

Grow quickly, little grass seeds!

As I was working on the temporary fence,
a visiting Black Headed Grosbeak
reminded me that I needed to clean
the birdbath and refill it with fresh water.
#3 Done!

Then I had to put up another little fence around
the Big Leaf Maple tree with a dry shade
planting around it. (Again, because of those
naughty hens!)
#4 Done!
Oh, now I need to get the weed whacker from the barn
and trim the grass away from the brick
surrounding the tree bed!
#5 Done!
Then, off to move the sprinkler and
water the Spring garden
planted with Carrots and Lettuces,
Cabbages and Broccoli,
Beets and Swiss Chard,
Peas and Spinach.
All are growing daily!
#6 Done!

Finally after these and a few other
chores were finished, I could take a moment
to hang the Wind Harp in the
sweet Banana Apple Tree!
I love to hear the magical
sound of it as the fingers of the breeze
plays a fanciful tune as she passes by.

And it is an especially sweet melody, because the
chime was a gift from a sweet daughter
and brings fond memories of happy days shared with her!

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Emily Fay said...

How wonderful you are getting things done! Everything looks beautiful! Have a lovely weekend ahead ~

Anonymous said...

Raeann, You have been busy! Oh those naughty hens - no dessert for them tonight! I hope that your grass patch stays nice and safe.

Heidi said...

You got many of your chores done and the grounds of your homestead look marvelous. You'll be my inspiration to get back at it. I am tired today and it's 97 out back. Ugh...

Fishtail Cottage said...

Love getting my list checked off ~ especially when it comes to the garden...can get so overwhelming can't it? Everything sure looks pretty! thanks so much for linking up to Fishtail Cottage's garden party! hope you had a lovely weekend! xoox, tracie

tom | tall clover farm said...

Nice bird condo, love those barn swallows, their beautiful flight and ample insect appetite!